Soldier of Fortune + Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

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Published on: January 21, 2012

1) Create a Temp folder on your hardrive.
Name this folder: SoF_DVD. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.

2) Download the Custom Install Menu from here and extract the contents of the rar file to the Temp file.
NOTE: All folders needed for the conversion are included with the Custom Install Menu.
(Custom Install Menu created by Skeraxe)

Soldier of Fortune
3) Copy all the contents from the SOF CD to the SoF_DVD\SoF folder.
4) Copy the Update Patch to the SoF_DVD\Patches\SoF folder.
5) Copy the NoCD Crack to the SoF_DVD\Cracks\SoF folder.
6) There is a “Serial.txt” file in the SoF_DVD folder, copy your Soldier of Fortune serial to this Serial.txt file, then Save it.
NOTE: Only copy your Soldier of Fortune serial to this file, do NOT copy the SoF2: Double Helix serial to this text file!
There is no Serial button on the Installer so you will need to use the Browse DVD button to open the text file.

Soldier of Fortune II – Double Helix
7) Copy all the contents from the SOF2 CD1 to the SoF_DVD\SoF2 folder. Do NOT overwrite any files, especially the Setup.exe file in the Setup folder!
8) Copy all the contents from SOF2 CD2 to the SoF_DVD\SoF2 folder. Again do NOT overwrite any files especially the Setup.exe file in the Setup folder!

9) Using the Notepad open the “SoF_DVD\Setup\sof2key” file and add your Sof2 Serial, without the minus symbols to this file. (-)
Like it appears below:

123A4567B891C23D56// generated by SOF2 – DO NOT MODIFY!
// Do NOT give this file to ANYONE.
// Raven Software and Activision will NOT ask you to send this file to them.

NOTE: The above Serial is NOT a real serial! It is just an example to show you to not include the minus (-) symbols.

10) Copy the SOF2 Update Patch to the SoF_DVD\Patches\SoF2 folder.

NOTE: Use a FULL update patch, not an incremental patch. The installer will install the patch if there is only one exe file in the Patch folder. If you use 2 incremental patches you will need to Browse the DVD to install both update patches.

11) Copy the SOF2 NoCD Crack to the SoF_DVD\Cracks\SoF2 folder.

12) Burn the contents of the SoF_DVD folder to a DVD with the Label: SoF_DVD

NOTE: SoF2 keeps the gore settings in the registry which can not be installed while installing the game.
To Enable the gore settings, just run the SoFMP.exe once after the installation is finished.
Once you install the update you will not need to run the MP.exe to enable the gore settings.

INFO about the Menu
The menu looks in the windows registry to see if the game is installed.
If so, the patch and crack functions are enabled and the install function is disabled.

As always, patching and cracking work automatically no matter what file you put in the folder.
When the NoCD crack is copied over, to the install directory, the installer will automatically create a backup of the original game.exe.

INFO about the Installer
It has almost everything the original setup.exe has.
* User License
* Minimal System Requirements
* Option to browse where you want to install the game.
* Option to browse where you want the shortcuts.
* Writes the registry settings
* Creates an Install.log file used by the original Uninstaller (unwise.exe)

What it does not have:
* Gore Settings. I can not modify the gore settings via the installer so that”s gone.
* Video during the installation. Could not get it out of the original setup.exe
* Does not ask to Register Online or to install DirectX 8.1
* Does not show an Advertisement for Creative soundcards.

Conversion by: Skeraxe

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