The Chronicles of Riddick – Escape from Butcher Bay

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Published on: February 27, 2012

1) Install The Chronicles of Riddick, using the CD”s, to any location.

2) Download and Install the v1.1 Update.

3) Download and Install the v1.1 Crack. (I used the NoDVD from vitality)

4) Create a Temp folder on your hardrive.
Name this folder: Riddick_DVD. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.

5) Download my Custom Installer from here and extract the contents of the rar file to the Riddick_DVD folder which you just created.
(Custom Installer created by Skeraxe)

6) Extracted from the rar file is a folder named “GameFiles”.
Copy the entire contents of the installed Game folder to the GameFiles folder.
NOTE: The default folder name is “Riddick EFBB” but only copy the contents of the Riddick EFBB!
Do NOT copy the actual Riddick EFBB folder as well!

6) Burn the entire contents of the Riddick_DVD folder to a DVD with the label: Riddick_DVD
Note: You can use whatever label you choose.

NOTE: The following information is also included in info.txt located in the installers root directory.

* Install to any directory or drive.
* Desktop Shortcut (Shortcuts can be installed to all the users or just one user.)
* Includes Start Menu Icons.
* Edits Windows Registry for the game.
* Can Uninstall via Control Panel. (Uninstall Asks for confirmation before uninstalling).
* NOTE: For the Uninstaller to work via the Add/Remove, while copying the game files to the GameFiles directory, DONT overwrite the uninstall.exe which comes with the installer!!!
If you do by mistake, just copy the uninstall.exe from the root folder to the GameFiles folder.
It is the same file but you have to have them in both places on the DVD to work.

Known Bugs:
* Install appears to hang on 38%, just wait it out. It will continue.
* If you installed to C:\Riddick\Chronicles then while uninstalling, only the Chronicles folder will be deleted, not the Riddick folder. So ONLY the last directory will be deleted.

This also happens in your Registry. Starbreeze\The Chroni… is installed, only The Chroni… will be deleted.

Conversion by: Skeraxe

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