Securom 7 Stop (SR7.Stop)

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Published on: September 12, 2011

Securom 7 Stop or SR7.Stop is a tool that enables you to play with legal copies of your games that are protected with the Securom 7 copy protection.

SR7.Stop helps you to mount clones of your games in Daemon Tools (or Alcohol 120%) by providing a workaround for the Securom 7 blacklist.

Securom 7 Stop (SR7.Stop)

MB-Soft released version 1.2 of SR7.Stop. This program is quite easy to use, you only need to click “hide” to prevent SecuROM 7 copy protections from detecting your virtual drives.

To restore the changes you can either reboot your system or click on “restore”.


  • Before changing some settings or uninstalling virtual device software you have to restore the data first!
  • SR7.Stop must not be running while the game is running.


Download “Securom 7 Stop (SR7.Stop)” SR7.Stop_1_2_cd2dvd.rar – Downloaded 435 times – 11 KB

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