Emperor: Battle for Dune

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Published on: December 10, 2011

Actually, Battle for Dune can be transformed into DVD, but it’s a bit tricky, but comparing to some games not that much. Just finding the way was. My debut in converting CD->DVD. It’s the second conv. ever made and first time I found my own way… but I hope you’ll like it. Why? Because we will include patch and crack already on DVD.

Enough talk, let’s start the action.

1) Get:
– your 4CD copy of the game of course
– v1.09 patch
– v1.09 NoCD Executable (GameFix)
– some hex editor (WinHex)

2) Install the game (only game without the online crap), patch it and crack
you can run it to see if it’s working 100% ok, but it will create some files (logs or other) that we don’t want on our DVD

3) Create 3 following directories:

CD#2 to: <GameDir>\CD2
CD#3 to: <GameDir>\CD3
CD#4 to: <GameDir>\CD4

4) if you haven’t replaced the RESOURCE.CFG file with the one from the crack archive do it now

5) Create some <TempDir> for install files. Copy the full contents of CD#1 there, except for \INSTALL subdirectory.

6) Now, create <TempDir>\INSTALL directory and copy the full contents of <GameDir> there.

7) (optionally) Let’s cut out some crap:
Delete <TempDir>\INSTALL\DATA\MOVIES\LEGALS.BIK and annoying EA & Westwood logos won’t show up on every startup (you can’t cancel them).
Also you can delete all <TempDir>\DXSETUP files except for setup.exe & dsetup.dll (or game setup won’t start)

8) Game installer at the end of his work is doing something very evil – it edits “RESOURCE.CFG”** Now you’ll need hex editor, at least for the first job…

edit <TempDir>\Setup\setup.exe find and replace “RESOURCE.CFG” with zeros*

edit <TempDir>\Setup\setup.ini and change “Version” from “1.0” to “1.09” (optional)

edit <TempDir>\Setup\FileSize.ini and remove

9) Done – make ISO labeled “EMPEROR1”, test it & burn!

* We don’t want it – since we are installing all the movies, music and dialogs already. Besides the edited values are bad.


Conversion by: Kulmegil

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