The Elder Scrolls 3 – Morrowind – With the AddOns Tribunal & Bloodmoon

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Published on: February 27, 2012

01. Create a Temp-Folder on Your harddisk.
02. Create a Folder MORROWIND in the Temp-Folder.
03. Create a Folder TRIBUNAL in the Temp-Folder.
04. Create a Folder BLOODMOON in the Temp-Folder.
05. Copy all files and folders from the Morrowind-CD to the MORROWIND-Subfolder except Autorun.inf and AutoRunMorrowind.exe.
06. Copy all files and folders from the Tribunal-CD to the TRIBUNAL-Subfolder except Autorun.inf and AutoRunTribunal.exe.
07. Copy all files and folders from the Bloodmoon-CD to the BLOODMOON-Subfolder except Autorun.inf and AutoRunBloodmoon.exe.
08. Download the NoCD Crack from GAMEFIX. Use the one by GiMPSRuS.
(It”s the first in the list. Works fine with the german version.)
09. Create a folder NoCD-Crack in the Temp-Folder and put the cracked Morrowind.exe in it.
10. Burn the contents to a DVD using the label “TES3_DVD”.
11. To install from this DVD, just start the SETUP.EXEs from the subfolders in the right order. (Morrowind -> Tribunal -> Bloodmoon)
12. To play without cd/dvd, copy the cracked Morrowind.exe and the Video-Subfolder of the MORROWIND-Folder to the gamedir on your harddisk.

(Instead of starting the SETUP.EXEs manual, you can create an own AUTORUN with Autoplay Media Studio or any other tool like that.)

NOTE: tested with the German versions:
Morrowind 1.2.0812
Tribunal 1.4.1313
Bloodmoon 1.6.1820

Conversion by: GLH

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