The Sims 1 & All Addons

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Published on: January 21, 2012

Tools Needed for this particular Conversion:
WINRAR Full version


1) Make a complet installation of the sims & all addon’s.
2) Rename the original “Sims.exe” from last addon to “OldSims.exe”
3) Replace the original “sims.exe” from last addon with the cracked NoCD “sims.exe” for this addon.
4) Lauch Regcleaner “Software” and remove all Sims & addons Regkeys.
5) Go to “Backup” option from “Regcleaner” and select all removed sims keys.
6) Click “combine” select the new combined backup’s key Right click & view with with notepad.
7) Now on notepad, Save the file to desktop under “Sims8in1.reg”
8) Copy the combined regkey “Sims8in1.reg” from desktop to game installation folder.


1) Go to Sims installation folder: C:\Program Files\Maxis\The sims
2) In the folder “The sims” Select all, right click on a selected file & click “Add to Archive”
3) The winrar interface will appear and you must select:
“Create a SFX File”
“Activate the authentification verification”
“Test the archivated files”
“Compression methode best or maximum”
“Files size write) “350m – CD-350M” (So you can use the files to burn Two per two on three normal CD or all files on one DVD) not us the option “700m – CD-700M”.
“Name the file “Sims8-1.exe”
4) Go in this window to “Advanced option” Activate the “old style volume name” and clic on the “SFX Options”
5) In the general window Indicate the future installation path:
C:\Program Files\Maxis\The sims and indicate “launch after extraction”: Sims8in1.reg
6) Go to advanced and clic “add a shortcut” “desktop shortcut”
Name from source file “sims.exe” Name for the shortcut “sims8-1”
7) Go to “Texte and icon option”, give a title for your future installer and add it the text of your choice.
Load a icon from your choice (indicate icon path & use 32×32 icon)
8) Click OK and OK (now attemp the files are created and tested) 1 or 2 hours!


1) Cut and paste all 6 created winrar files (Sims8-1.exe & Sims8-1.r00 & Sims8-1.r01 & Sims8-1.r02 & Sims8-1.r03 & Sims8-1.r04 & Sims8-1.r05) to a temp folder.
2) Create a new.txt file open theyr and write the follow strings in to


3) Save the new.txt file as Autorun.inf in temp folder.
4) surch an icon & add theyre in the temp folder rename it Icon.exe.
5) Burn the full content from temp folder as Data DVD with nero to a blanc DVD.
6) Insert DVD to your DVD drive, the autorun will open the new installer click install and by the end of process click yes for the inscription from game to registry.
7) Play with Sims8-1 shortcut from desktop.



Remove The sims folder from C\:Program Files\Maxis\The sims
Remove with regcleaner the sims registry entries
Remove shortcut from desktop.


Conversion by: Dede

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