Soldier Of Fortune 2 – Double Helix

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Published on: January 21, 2012

1) Create a Temp directory on your hardrive and name it SOF2_DVD. (This will be the name of our DVD.)
2) Download “Cueball”s” “Soldier Of Fortune 2” msi file from here..
Extract the rar file to the the recently created SOF2_DVD directory.

3) Install Soldier Of Fortune 2 from the original discs, to the default location and with full gore.
Make sure if you had it installed before you to uninstall it and delete the “Soldier of Fortune II – Double Helix” folder first.
Do not install any updates and do not apply any NoCD cracks! (NOTE: This has only been tested on version 1.0, so only apply any update patches after.)

5) Once it is installed copy the “Soldier of Fortune II – Double Helix” folder into the “program files” folder, from the rar file, that now sits inside our Temp folder. (The Temp folder you created named SOF2_DVD)

So it looks like:
– >
Program Files
– >
Soldier of Fortune II – Double Helix
– >
(All game files)

6) Create another folder’s for any Updates, Serial, Patches and or Cracks etc.
NOTE: Name this/these folder’s whatever you want.

7) Burn the contents of the SOF2_DVD directory to a DVD using the Label SOF2_DVD.

NOTE: This has only been tested on the English version on Windows XP, so it may not work for other languages or OS””””s.
There is one slight fault with it! You have to run MP exe once after patched if you want the “Full Gore” in the game! I have tried to fix this for 2 days but it seems to obtain a different code for parts of the registry on different pc””””s, the MP exe sets them correctly.

Conversion by: Cueball

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