The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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Published on: January 21, 2012

1) Create a Temp folder on your harddrive.
Name this folder: Simpsons Hit Run. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.

2) Copy all the files from CD1 to the newly created folder.
3) From CD2 copy “” file to the same newly created folder.
4) From CD3 copy “” file to the same newly created folder.

NOTE: This next bit is a bit hard to explain but I will try and put it in simple terms with as much detail as possible!

5) Now you will need a Hex Editor (I used Hex Workshop v4.23 Search for it using Google)
Using Hex Workshop open the “setup.inx” file.
In Hex Workshop go to “Edit” then “Goto” (The little “Goto” box will open)
In the “Goto” box, type in 6CBE for the Offset. Click “Hex” and Click “Beginning of File”
Then Click the “Go” Button.
This will take you to an entry (Instruction) starting with “2100”
Starting at the 2100 all these numbers need to be changed from:

21001C010100060A00494E534552545F434431060002000495 FF0800002100C30002000495FF06090044617461322E636162 06000200059AFF080000

Changed to:

0D0003000593FF059AFF07060000000D0003000593FF059AFF 07060000000D0003000593FF059AFF07060000000D00030005 93FF059AFF0706000000

After changing these numbers you can save the file and close Hex Workshop.

NOTE: If the above Hex editing is to difficult you can download my inx file here.

6) Add another folder named Crack or NoCD and place the NoCD crack into it!
(You can name the folder whatever you wish it”s just for holding the crack).
NOTE: Adding a folder for the crack is how I personally prefer to do it!

7) Burn the contents of the Simpsons Hit Run folder to a DVD using the Label Simpsons Hit Run. (You can use whatever label you wish)
Now you will have a DVD that WILL install without asking for CD2 or CD3!
The only message you will receive (at the end of the install) is one asking you if you would like a Desktop Shortcut and telling you, you already have DirectX installed.
8) After the install replace the original game exe with the one from the “Crack” folder.

NOTE: Thanks to “Pipo” from for the info on the sections which needed to be edited using the Hex Editor.

Conversion by: Grumpy

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