NBA Live 2005

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Published on: December 15, 2011

1) Copy all the contents of CD1 into a directory.

2) Create a new map, unzip with WinRAR or WinZIP into the new map. Remove

3) Copy every file but 00000000.016, 00000000.256, 00000001.TMP, 00000002.TMP, autorun.inf and nba2005.exe to where you have unpacked the files from CD1.

4) Unzip or unrar the you have just extracted from CD2, into the directory where you have extracted the files from from CD1.

5) Create a new zip archive from the files you have extracted from the”s from both the CDs and name it

6) Open common_filelist.txt and have every line start with a 1, so change every 2 to a 1.

7) (Optional) Replace nba2005.exe with a cracked exe.

8) Burn the files to a DVD-R or create an image and name it anything you”d like.

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