Command & Conquer: Renegade

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Published on: December 8, 2011

1) First do a full install of the game.
2) Then install the latest v1.037 update for the game.
3) Then replace the original game exe with a v1.037 NoCD exe.

4) Create a Temp folder on your harddrive.
Name this folder: RENEGADE. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.
5) Copy all the contents from CD2 (Renegade DATA) to the Temp folder.
6) Copy all the contents from CD1 (Renegade GAME) to the same Temp folder. Overwrite any files if prompted.

7) The next step is to go back to the Temp directory (the “Renegade DVD” folder) you created and delete the contents from the “INSTALL” folder.
Then copy the entire contents from your game installation folder, on your hard drive (i.e: C:\WestwoodRenegade), back into the “INSTALL” folder in the Temp directory.

8) Using the Notepad, create a text file and copy your CD Key to it. Save the text file to the Temp directory.

9) In the SETUP folder (of your Temp DVD folder) – edit the Renegade.ini file using notepad and change the “VolumeLabel” tag to “Renegade” (without the Quotes) then remove the [CabFiles] section.

It should look something like this:




Save the file using the same filename.

Optional: Edit the Setup.ini file and change the version to 1.037 (latest version)

10) Copy the Setup.exe patch file (download it here.) into the SETUP folder and run it (this will remove the Safedisc Check from the Setup.exe file)

11) Using a Hex editor (I used XVI32) open the Autorun.exe file in the root of the Temp DVD folder and Search for RENEGADE GAME when found fill in everything after the “E” of “RENEGADE” with zeros i.e. RENEGADE[00][00][00][00][00] then save the file.

12) Using the same hex editor open the Game.exe file in the INSTALL folder and Search for RENEGADE GAME and patch with zero”s as above, but before saving also search for RENEGADE DATA and do the same (patch with zero”s after the “E”) – then save the file.

13) Burn the contents of the Temp folder to a DVD using the Label: RENEGADE

Conversion by: Python

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