RAGE – 3xDVD9 to 3 or 5 DVD5

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Published on: October 12, 2011

RAGE – 3xDVD9 to 3/5 DVD5 Inno Setup

NOTE: 3xDVD5 Does NOT include MP. 5xDVD5 FULL game + Update.
If you Install Update AND do NOT speak Japanese, Polish, Russian. Goto
Base folder & DELETE above 3 mentioned streamed files. Also same in
MP/Base folder

1. Install the Game + update + NoCD IF you wish

2. Download archives extract to HD ( NOT in game folder )

3. Edit the Rage.iss ( opens with notepad too )

4. CHANGE in line 1 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Rage\” to “YOURGAMEFOLDER LOCATION\” ( ” & \ MUST be there!)
5. Save the changes, & run it. ( May take 2 hours to complete, depending on PC / HD speed )

*** SPECIAL NOTE: IF you DONT want MP then MOVE that folder out of RAGE folder. Also MOVE uninst.dat, uninst000.exe from RAGE BEFORE Running ISS FILE

6. Look in Compiled folder for your files.

7. MOVE Setup.exe & Setup-1*.bin to Rage_1 folder, Setup-2*.bin file to Rage_2, Seup-3.bin to Rage_3 folder.

IF you compiled FULL game then also move setup-4*.bin to Rage_4 & Setup-5*.bin to Rage_5 folder.






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