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Devil May Cry 4 DVD9 to 2xDVD5

Devil May Cry 4 (DVD9 to 2x DVD5) 1.- Create a temp folder and name it “Disk1” (without the quotes) 2.- Copy the content of your DVD to that folder except files and 3.- Download the “DMC4_DVD9-2-2xDVD5.rar” – it’s the modified MSI so you must extract it to the Disk1 folder overwriting the[…]


Red Faction Armageddon + Path to War DLC – DVD9 to 2xDVD5 Inno Setup

Red Faction Armageddon + Path to War DLC – DVD9 to 2xDVD5 Inno Setup by Pakrat 1. Install the Game + DLC + NoCD IF you wish 2. Download archive RFA 2xDVD5-Inno.7z extract to HD ( NOT in game folder ) 3. Edit the RFA.iss ( opens with notepad too ) 4. CHANGE in line[…]


RAGE – 3xDVD9 to 3 or 5 DVD5

RAGE – 3xDVD9 to 3/5 DVD5 Inno Setup NOTE: 3xDVD5 Does NOT include MP. 5xDVD5 FULL game + Update. If you Install Update AND do NOT speak Japanese, Polish, Russian. Goto Base folder & DELETE above 3 mentioned streamed files. Also same in MP/Base folder 1. Install the Game + update + NoCD IF you[…]


FIFA 2010 (2xDVD5)

Conversion by ‘pakrat2k2’ (DVD9 to 2xDVD5) [MULTI 7] (EN/ES/ES-MX/PT/PT-BR/SE/DK) Install Sequence: DVD1-DVD2-DVD1 1) Create 2 Temp folders on your hardrive. Name one folder: DISK1. This will be the name (Label) of DVD1. Name the other folder: DISK2. This will be the name (Label) of DVD2. 2) Copy all the contents of the ‘FIFA 2010 DVD9’[…]

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