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Published on: December 15, 2011

NOTE: Original Author ‘okmk1’ (Translated to English from ‘okmk1’s Spanish Version)

1) Create a folder on your Hardrive, name it NHL2005_DVD (This will be the name of the DVD)
2) Copy all the contents of CD1 to this newly created folder.
3) Rename the file “compressed.zip” to “compressed_cd1.zip”
4) Then from CD2 copy to the newly created folder (NHL2005_DVD) only the following files:


Do NOT copy the “autorun.inf” file from CD2.

5) Now create a Temp folder. (Name it “compressed.zip”) Copy the “compressed.zip” file from CD2 and the “compressed_cd1.zip” file to this Temp folder. Rename the “compressed.zip” file to “compressed_cd2.zip” We need to Create 1 file from these 2 zip files.

There a several ways to do this. This way is the easiest to explain!
Using Winzip (or another zip program) extract both zip files to the newly created “compressed.zip” folder. Then re-zip these files by highlighting all the files in the folder and from the Winzip menu choose “Add to compressed.zip”.
Now copy the newly created zip file back to the NHL2005_DVD folder. Then you can delete the compressed.zip folder and the 2 compressed_cd1.zip and the compressed_cd2.zip files.

6) Now open the file “common_filelist.txt” with Notepad. (You may first have to change the properties of this file to untick the “read only” attribute)
Change all the first numbers (all the 2″s) at the beginning of each line to 1.
Then “Save”
This will let setup know there is only one disc being used.
Go back to the properties and Re-tick the “read only” attribute and click “Apply”.

7) Now go to the “Autorun” folder and find the “autorun.cfg” file. Change the properties to untick the “read only” attribute, then open it with Notepad. Look for “StartupCD=02” and change the “02” to “01”. (StartupCD=01)
Then go back to the properties of this file and re-tick the “read only” attribute then “Apply”.

8) Now add another folder for the Updates, Patches and Cracks etc. Name this folder whatever you choose.

9) Then burn contents of the “NHL2005_DVD” folder to a DVD using the Label: NHL2005_DVD

Conversion by: Grumpy

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