Movies + Stunts and Effects Addon

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Published on: December 13, 2011

1. Create a TEMP folder, download my Custom Installer from here and extract (unrar) it to the TEMP folder. (Custom Installer created by Spirit UK)

2. Copy the entire contents of the THE MOVIES Disc to the THE MOVIES folder.

3. Copy the entire contents of the STUNTS and EFFECTS Disc to the STUNTS and EFFECTS folder.

4. Download and copy the The Movies 1.1 update to the THE MOVIES UPDATE folder.

5. Copy The Movies Crack to the THE MOVIES CRACK folder.

6. Copy the Stunts and Effects crack to the STUNTS AND EFFECTS Crack folder.

7. Edit the SERIAL.TXT file with any text editor and input the CD keys for both games.

8. Now burn the contents of the TEMP folder to a DVD using any volume name you choose.

Conversion by: Spirit UK

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