Medal of Honor: Allied of Assault + Spearhead + Breakthrough

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Published on: December 13, 2011

1) Create a Temporary directory on the harddrive. (Call this Directory MOHAA_DVD)
2) Copy all of the MOHAA CD1 to the Temp directory.
3) Copy from the MOHAA CD2 the “Main” and “Win95OpenGLfix” folders and also the “” file to the Temp directory.

4) Create another Directory inside the MOHAA_DVD directory and name it “MOHAAS” (This is the same name as the label of the Spearhead CD)
5) Copy all of the Spearhead CD to this newly created MOHAAS directory.
6) Then move the “eReg” directory and the “patch” directory from the MOHAAS directory to the root of the MOHAA_DVD directory, overwriting any files if asked.

7) Create another directory inside the MOHAA_DVD directory and name it “MOHAAB”
(This is the same name as the label of the Breakthrough CD)
8) Copy all of the Breakthrough CD to this newly created MOHAAB directory.
9) Then again move the “eReg” directory from the MOHAAB directory to the root of the MOHAA_DVD directory, again overwriting any files if asked.

10) In the root of the Temp folder you will find the “patch” folder which was moved from the MOHAAS directory. This patch folder already contains the “patch111v9safedisk.exe” update which is installed automatically when you install Spearhead.
You will need to download the following update patches!
1. “mohaas_patch_20_to_211.exe”
2. “mohaas_patch_211_to_215.exe”
3. “breakthrough_patch_2.40b.exe”
NOTE: Search for the filenames using Google. Don”t include the Quotes (“”) in the search!
Put these updates in the “patch” folder you moved from the MOHAAS folder.
NOTE: The filenames MUST stay exactly the same as the ones I have listed above!

11) Copy the “patch” folder, from either the Breakthrough or Spearhead folders, to the root of the MOHAA_DVD folder. This will enable the v1.11 Update patch to launch properly.

12) Download my MOHAA Installer Menu from here..
Extract the downloaded MOHAA “MOH_Menu.rar” to the root of the MOHAA_DVD directory.
Overwrite any files with the ones from the MOH_Menu.rar when asked.

13) After extracting the MOH_Menu.rar file, to the root of the Temp directory, you will now have 2 extra folders in the root. One of these folders is named “Cracks”. This Cracks folder has another 3 folders already created inside it. These 3 folders have the version names of the NoCD cracks needed. Place the correct NoCD crack in each of the 3 folders. (Do NOT change the names of any of the folders!)

14) The other folder included with the MOH_Menu.rar is a folder named “Extras”. It contains another folder named “Decensors”. In this Decensors folder I have included the Decensors patches to add blood for both Spearhead and Breakthrough as these games have no blood in them!

15) And lastly, I have also included a “Serials.txt” file. It contains no serials!! You can paste your own serials, for each of the 3 games, into this text file! There is button on the Custom Install Menu which links to this Serials.txt file.

16) Burn the contents of the MOHAA_DVD to a DVD using the label MOHAA_DVD.


1) Insert DVD and the MOHAA Menu will start automatically.
2) Click buttons to Install.
3) Start with installing MOHAA. (Obviously)
4) Then install Spearhead.
5) Then finally install Breakthrough.
Clicking each button will take you to the corresponding games Autorun.

6) After installing each game use the corresponding Update buttons to update the games to the latest versions.

7) Then from the Cracks folder replace the 3 original game exe”s with the NoCD cracks.

8) If you want blood to be viewable in Spearhead and Breakthrough then install the Decensor patches!

Then play either one of your favorite Medal of Honor games.

Conversion by: Grumpy

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