The Sims 3 Ambitions (1xDVD5)

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Published on: September 10, 2011

Conversion by ‘senseman’

(DVD9 to 1xDVD5)

1) Create a Temp folder on your hardrive.
Name this folder: Sims3_Amb. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.

2) Copy all the contents of the ‘The Sims 3 Ambitions DVD9’ to the ‘Sims3_Amb’ folder.

3) DELETE the ‘UpdatesMac’ folder from the ‘Support’ folder.

Optional: You can also DELETE any updates you don’t need but you MUST leave the updates that end in ’01’ and ’02’ as these are for the US and International versions.
Note: The Australian update files end in ‘017’.

4) Burn the contents of the ‘Sims3_Amb’ folder to a DVD (or Create an ISO) with any Label you choose.

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