Painkiller + Painkiller Battle out of Hell Expansion

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Published on: December 23, 2011

Everything has to be positioned and named just like it says here or the Painkiller Menu wont work correctly!
Download the Custom Menu from here.

For Painkiller:
1) Create a temporary folder on your hardrive. Name this folder Painkiller_DVD.
2) Copy all the files from CD1 to this folder.
3) Copy the “PainkillerSetup.002” file from CD2 (It”s the only file on CD2)
4) Copy all the files from CD3 to the same temporary folder.

5) Create another folder for the v1.3.5. Painkiller Update. Call this folder Update.
6) Create another folder for the v1.3.5. NoCD Crack. Call this folder Crack.
7) Include your serial as a txt file named serial.txt, and save it in the root of the Painkiller_DVD folder.

For Battle out of Hell:
1) Create another folder, inside the Painkiller_DVD folder, and name it Painkiller BOOH.
2) Copy all the contents of CD1 into this directory. Except the “Autorun.inf” file! Its not needed!
3) From CD2 copy the PK_BOOH.002 file from the “Content” folder into the same “Content” folder from CD1.

4) Create another folder named Crack (Place it inside the Painkiller BOOH folder).
5) Copy the Patch crack (the “Painkiller BOoH v1.0 [ENGLISH] No-CD Patch” by EVOcRk) into this folder. (Unrar it first into the crack folder)

6) Download my “Painkiller_Menu_Installer”, from the above link, and unrar it to the root of the Painkiller_DVD folder, overwriting any files when asked.

7) Burn to a DVD using the Label Painkiller_DVD.

To install:
Insert DVD, when the Installer Menu starts click corresponding buttons to install.
After Installing make sure you replace the original Painkiller.exe with the one from the Crack folder and run the Patch.exe for Battle out of Hell.

Conversion by: Grumpy

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