Lost Planet 2 (2xDVD5)

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Published on: September 10, 2011

Conversion by ‘peterf1999’

(2xDVD9 to 2xDVD5) [Multi 5] *INNO SETUP*

1) Create a Temp folder on your hardrive.
Name this folder: Lost Planet 2. This will be our ‘working’ folder Only.

2) Download the ‘LOST_PLANET_2_2xDVD5_INNO.7z’ file from HERE and extract the contents of the RAR file to the ‘Lost Planet 2’ folder.

3) Install the game from the ‘Lost Planet 2 DVD9’.

4) In the ‘Lost Planet 2’ folder RUN the ‘compile.bat’ file and wait until the process finishes.
Note: The process will take some time. After the process finishes you will have 2 folders in the ‘Compiled’ folder named:


5) Burn the contents of the ‘LP2_1’ folder to a DVD (or Create an ISO) with the Label: LP2_1

6) Burn the contents of the ‘LP2_2’ folder to a DVD (or Create an ISO) with the Label: LP2_2

‘Games For Windows Live’ and ‘DirectX’ are not installed, you will need to install these manually.

IMPORTANT: ‘Game Install Not Found’
If you receive the following error ‘Game Install Not Found’ when you RUN the ‘Compile.bat’ file then do this:

Using the Notepad, Open the ‘Lost Planet 2.iss’ file located in the ‘Lost Planet 2’ folder and Edit the first line:

…. Change from:

#define SourcePath

…. Change to:

#define SourcePath “C:\Programm Files(x86)\LOST PLANET 2\”

NOTE: YOU need to edit the above line and put in YOUR game’s install path!

Then DELETE the following Rows of text from the ‘Lost Planet 2.iss’ file
(DELETE Rows 2,3,4.5):

#if SourcePath=ReadReg(HKLM,’SOFTWARE\Capcom\LOSTPLANET 2′,’InstallDir’,False)
#error Lost Planet 2 not installed, game’s folder entry not found

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