James Bond 007 – Blood Stone (1xDVD5)

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Published on: September 10, 2011

Conversion by ‘yener90’

(DVD9 to 1xDVD5)

This version supports only: MULTI3 (EN/DE/FR) *1 Language*

*This conversion uses an Auto DVD9 to DVD5 Converter created by ‘yener90’.*
It will automatically convert the files from your ‘James Bond 007 – Blood Stone’ game DVD into either 1 DVD5 size folder or ISO’s depending on the options you choose.

NOTE: You need to have FreeArc Pre-installed, otherwise the Converter will not start.

1) Install the game from the ‘James Bond 007 – Blood Stone’ DVD9

2) Insert the game DVD into the CD/DVD drive or Select the path to your DVD9 files.

3) Download the ‘Auto Converter’ file from HERE and extract the contents of the RAR file to any location on your computer.

3) From the extracted rar file, RUN the ‘Blood Stone_Converter’ file.
Select the ‘Drive’ where you want the ‘TEMP’ folder, and Select ‘your’ preferred Language, then click CONVERT.
WAIT until the process finishes.
NOTE: (The FreeArc Compression will take some time to complete. (For me it took 1 hour.) The Converter may also appear to have frozen, it hasn’t, just give it time.

When the process finishes, and depending on the options you chose in the converter, you will have either 1 DVD5 size folder or ISO’s, in the ‘TEMP’ folder, on your chosen Drive, named as below:


4) Burn the contents of the ‘BLOOD_STONE’ folder, or the ISO file, to a DVD with the Label: BLOOD_STONE

DVD5 Size: 4,26 GB

EXTRA: Some people have complained of problems with the normal installation, if you also experience problems I have added a Custom Installer.

How to use the Custom Installer:
3) Download the ‘Blood_Stone_Custom_Installer_Mod.7z’ file from HERE and extract the contents of the RAR file to the folder where you created your conversion and RUN the ‘cin.bat’ file.

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