Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb

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Published on: December 12, 2011

1) Create a Temp folder on your harddrive.
Name this folder: IJET_DVD. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.
2) Copy all the contents from CD1 to this folder.
3) Copy the Disk2 folder from CD2 to the same Temp folder.

4) Create another folder’s for any Updates, Serial, Patches and or Cracks etc.
NOTE: Name this/these folder’s whatever you want.

5) Burn to a DVD, with the Label: IJET_DVD.
NOTE: Any label will do.

NOTE: The temp folder is 803 MB big, so if you don”t need any of the cracks etc.
(game .exe only checks if the cd is in the drive, no other protection) or DirextX
(very old version , like 8.0 or 8.1) you can delete them and burn on a 800 MB CD
instead of a DVD

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