Dungeon Keeper 1 + 2

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Published on: December 9, 2011

1) Create a Temp folder on your hardrive.
Name this folder: DK_DVD. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.

2) Download the Custom Install Menu from here and extract the contents of the rar file to the Temp file.
NOTE: All folders needed for the conversion are included with the Custom Install Menu.
(Custom Install Menu created by Skeraxe)

Dungeon Keeper
3) Copy all the contents from the DK1 CD to the DK_DVD\DK1 folder.
4) Copy the Update Patch to the DK_DVD\Patches\DK1 folder.

Dungeon Keeper 2
6) Copy all the contents from the DK2 CD to the DK_DVD\DK2 folder.
7) The menu looks for the Setup.exe in DK2\English\Setup\Setup.exe
If you are using another language version, please rename that folder to English so the menu can work for you too.

8) Copy the Update Patch to the DK_DVD\Patches\DK2 folder.
9) Copy the NoCD Crack to the DK_DVD\Cracks\DK2 folder.
10) Burn the contents of the DK_DVD folder to a DVD with the Label: DK_DVD

INFO about the Menu
The menu looks in the windows registry to see if the game is installed.
If so, the patch and crack functions are enabled and the install function is disabled.

As always, patching and cracking work automatically no matter what file you put in the folder.
When the NoCD crack is copied over, to the install directory, the installer will automatically create a backup of the original game files.

Dungeon Keeper (DK1) does not need a crack Instead my menu alters a config file and copies over some additional files, thus making the game work without a CD.
In the Crack folder, there is a text file, DO NOT delete it otherwise the menu will not show the crack option!

Conversion by: Skeraxe

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